Alak School

Regular School Hours:


Doors open at 8:30 for breakfast

Classrooms open at 8:45am-3:30pm


Early Release Hours on Wednesday


ECE 3   8:45 - 12:05

ECE 4   12:35 - 2:45

Grades KG -12: 8:45am- 2:45pm


School office Hours:


8:00am to 4:30pm



Nuiqsut Trapper School SAC Election Documents Link:


SAC Public Notice

SAC Declaration

Nuiqsut Trapper School

P.O. Box 167, Nuiqsut, AK 99789
Phone: (907) 480-5800

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Congrats to our Cross Country Runners who did a great job

this weekend in our Virtual Cross Country Race.   

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Summer Camp Ilisagvik College
Posted on 03/14/2022
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Trapper School COVID Opening Plan 2020/2021
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NSBSD Nuiqsut Christmas Card Contest Winners!
Posted on 12/24/2019
Thank you for your enthusiasm. the creativity and talent in the classrooms are awe-inspiring. Here are the results......
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Nuiqsut Trapper Newsletter
Posted on 11/04/2019
We have a new phone system at the school and some of the kinks are still getting worked out of it. Transferring phone calls is one of those......
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Attendance Incentive Plan
Posted on 11/04/2019
This meets both our site STEPP plan and our Title I goals of improving (and recognizing) our Attendance (73% in 18-19: Roughly 85% 19-20 thus far)......
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**Updated Oct. 29 - Student Attendance Incentive Program
Posted on 10/25/2019
Nuiqsut Trapper School has had some opportunities made available to it as part of its Title I and School Improvement efforts. Attendance was identifie...
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Inupiaq media contest
Posted on 10/10/2019
In celebration of the Inupiaq Language, the Inupiaq History, Language and Culture (IHLC) has created an Inupiaq media contest called “Inupiatun.” Dead...
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No events available.

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Welcome to Nuiqsut school

Strategically located on the tributary banks of the Colville River, Nuiqsut’s location is very unique. Because of recent and future oil industry development, Nuiqsut has access to the ice road, January through April. The social and economic changes Nuiqsut has encountered have had a profound impact on the traditions of Iñupiat culture. Nuiqsut has seen many changes since 1974, when a tent village was created. The journey from Barrow to Nuiqsut was 150 miles and a dozer with large sleds secured a pathway for snow machines that followed. The first group of 14 was followed by others, who occupied 45 tents overlooking the river. Imagine living in tents (including a school tent) during 18 months of Arctic weather! This Nuiqsut historical event is another prime example of the Iñupiat's determination and adaptability. August 6-11, 2013, Kuukpik Corporation celebrated their 40th anniversary.

Nuiqsut Trapper School ‘s main goal is to serve the needs of the village children who attend our school. The challenge of living in two worlds— Iñupiat culture and western culture forms our educational decision-making and policy. The community is the school and the school is the community. Working with our SAC committee, we continually strive to give our students the academic, social and cultural skills to be successful life long learners in an increasingly competitive world.

Through the Iñupiat Language Initiative, Iñupiat values and culture are fused into the NSBSD curriculum to produce students who will become productive and positive members of society and who are culturally sensitive. Partnerships with local entities Kuukpik Corporation and the City of Nuiqsut form a very important link to our student’s success. It takes a village to raise a child and healthy family life styles are promoted and needed for our student’s success.

Our teaching staff works very hard to help students attain a love of learning and attain the essential skills of reading, writing, speaking and math. These basic skills are supplemented with Vocational/Technical classes, Home Economics, Music and other enrichment classes motivate and enhance students overall learning experience.

Trapper School also realizes the importance of engaging students and the community in the school—encouraging ownership in their community and their future careers. Parents are encouraged to visit and volunteer at school. Several after school learning activities supplement academics—art, drama, cooking and music. A VOC/TEC curriculum, engages students in a job readiness/career Ed curriculum, giving them skills to confidently enter the NSB and Alaska workforce. Career Quest provides high school students internship opportunities at Conoco Phillip’s Alpine complex. Regional partners ASRC, Conoco Phillips, Shell, BP, Carlile, Eni, Pioneer Natural Resources and Repsol all provide support for enrichment programs at Trapper School and we are very thankful to all the local and regional entities for their support of our students.

State and NSBSD educational standards rigorously monitor the daily academic progress of our students. Teachers and students are challenged yearly to improve our AYP status. Efforts to improve reading, writing and math proficiency levels are top priorities in the daily routine of students and teachers alike. Monitoring systems are designed to identify skills that need improvement and intervention activities are applied to raise proficiency levels. Instruction is being enhanced by the “Understanding By Design “ system of lesson development, which is built on essential questions and understandings derived from student background knowledge and Alaska academic standards. Of utmost importance, the Iñupiat Language Initiative, or ILF, will incorporate Iñupiat values and local background knowledge to make learning relevant and applicable to the North Slope.

Our collaborative goals are that attendance rates, academic rigor and increasing parental/cultural involvement and support of education will continue to improve as we move forward in giving Nuiqsut’s youth an education that will give them the life long tools to be successful in life. We look forward to working with parents in partnership, so students have a solid academic and vocational foundation for a successful future.

We are masters of our destiny and captains of our fate.

Please feel free to visit us!