Attendance Incentive Plan

Attendance Incentive Plan
Posted on 11/04/2019

The below incentives have been put together with the entire Attendance Incentive Plan at Nuiqsut Trapper School. This meets both our site STEPP plan and our Title I goals of improving (and recognizing) our Attendance (73% in 18-19: Roughly 85% 19-20 thus far), and the improving of Community Engagement with our constituents.

Week Attendance: perfect attendance = 5 days attendance and tardy policy determined within each classroom or grade. Secondary is establishing their own tardy policy and how that affects perfect attendance.

  • Incentives: (choice of)

          Bouncy balls                                                                                                     Gel pens

          Animal figurines – super heroes and others.                                                  Stickie hands

          Bubbles                                                                                                            Squishy’s

          Funny erasers – look like I-phone etc.                                                            Books – scholastic – see Nancy

          Slushies from the AC                                                                                       Milkshakes from the AC

          Possibly discount at the student store – needs coordinated between Jesse and Bernice for funding – on hold for now 

    Monthly Attendance – 2 absences or less (doesn’t include subsistence days)

    Note: we want to recognize students for attendance for the month at monthly assemblies- first Friday of following month.   

  • Incentives: (choice of)

$10 AC card                                                                                                  $10 Amazon card

Ear buds                                                                                                       Trapper Logo beanie hat

Trapper Logo scarf                                                                                       Trapper logo big foam hand

Trapper logo pendant                                                                                  Plastic sleds

Banana split party                                                                                        Popcorn party

Quarter Attendance – 3 absences or less in the quarter not including subsistence days

  • Incentives: (choice of)

$25 Amazon cards                                                                                       $25 Camp card

$25 AC card                                                                                                  $25 I-tunes card

Ear buds                                                                                                       Pizza and ice cream party with Nintendo Switch game

Semester Attendance – 4 absences or less not including subsistence days

  • Incentives: (choice of)


$100 gift certificate??? (Possibility – not sure where things were left)

Pizza and Ice Cream Party with Nintendo Switch party included

Year End – near perfect attendance (94%) miss 10 days or less not including subsistence

  • Incentives:1) I-Pad or tablet

Year End Perfect Attendance – miss one day or less “Perfect Attendance”

  • Incentives:

Bicycle – will need sizes                                                                               Tablet