NSBSD Nuiqsut Christmas Card Contest Winners!

NSBSD Nuiqsut Christmas Card Contest Winners!
Posted on 12/24/2019

These are the images from Nuiqsut Trapper School students' artwork submitted for this year's North Slope Borough School District Holiday Greetings Contest: 

Elementary Students' artwork from, 4th grade, Leanne Evikana, Malia Kosbruk and Addison Faith Kaigelak; 5th grade, Chester Lampe and Linda Long, were selected as winners of the this year's NSBSD Holiday Card Contest.     Descriptions of holiday traditions depicting Christmas trees, family, friends, presents, and Northern Lights were displayed in the slide show.  Ms. Elise Barrett's class will receive a certificate of participation, submitting the award winning cards, and each student will receive a $25 gift card for each students quality artwork and description, which will be recognized at the next regular NSBSD School Board Meeting.

Leanne Michelle Evikana

My name is Leanne Michelle Evikana and I am in 4th grade. I am nine years old. My birthday is January 13. My mom is Eunice Pausanna and my dad is Cyrus John Evikana. My Aaka Lottie and my little brother, Cyrus, Jr. live in my house with us. Next year, I will have a new brother or sister. Cyrus Junior is four years old. My favorite activity after school is to play with my little brother and his blocks. I build a tall tower until it falls. My brother laughs and laughs. My family and I will spend Christmas in Nuiqsut this year.

My card shows the Northern Lights on a snowy night. There is a tree with some presents under it. The snow man has a red hat because it is Christmas and red is my favorite color. There are pink and purple presents. The tree has the same colors in the ornaments. At first I pictured the scene in my head. Lately, I have only seen green and purple in the Northern Lights. And I added a few more colors because they are all my favorite colors.


Addison Faith Kaigelak

My name is Addison Faith Kaigelak and I am in 4th grade. I am nine years old and my birthday is May 12. My mom is Angela and my dad is Gideon. My aunt, Nannie and my brother Lucas live in our house. Lucas is three years old. My favorite activity after school is to play. on my phone. I like to do my homework every day. My favorite homework is math. My family and I are going to spend seven days in Anchorage to go Christmas shopping. We will come back to Nuiqsut for Christmas and my little brother's birthday

My card shows a girl giving her mother a present from under the tree. The girl is happy to give her mom this present because it is cold out and there is a fuzzy blanket in the gift.


Chester Lampe

My name is Chester Lampe and I am in 4th grade. I am ten years old. My birthday is September 12. I was born in 2009. My mom is Roseanne Sielak and my dad is Sam Sielak. My mom and dad, my brother, Sam, Jr., my sister, Samira, my dog, Zuma, and I live in our house. I like to play outside anytime I can. I like to jump in the snow with my friends. We like to go sledding too. My family and I will go to Fairbanks to spend Christmas with my Aunt and Uncle and lots of cousins. We will stay at my cousin's house. It is going to be fun!

My card is a black and white drawing of Christmas tree.


Linda Marie Loucille Long

My name is Linda Marie Loucille Long and I am in 4th grade. I am ten years old. My birthday is October 7. My mom is Emma Long and my dad is Jeff Long. My mom and dad and I live in our house. We might be going to Fairbanks for Christmas to spend time with my Aaka and my cousin, Leslie. My favorite activity after school is to go on my roller blades at my house. It is fun. It helps me practice to be a better ice skater. I love to visit my friend, Evelyn, too.

My card has a rainbow background that represents happiness at Christmas. The two girls are BFFs. They could be me and my best friend, Evelyn. The hearts represent all the friendship and love that are important at this time of year.


Malia Kosbruk

My name is Malia Kosbruk and I am in 4th grade. I am nine years old. My birthday is July 31. My mom is Doreen and my dad is Peter. My brother Teddy, Devin, Rosalinaand I live in our house. We like to go shopping in Anchorage. We go for medical appointments too. We will spend Christmas in Nuiqsut.

My card is a fun, colorful card that I drew to show Christmas in Nuiqsut. School is an important part of my life. My family is too.


Evelyn Kallenbach

My name is Evelyn Kallenbach and I am in 4th grade. I am ten years old. My birthday is October 22. My mom is Alberta Ipalook and my dad is Tim Kallenbach. My sister,Alize, my nephew, Mason and my mom live in my house. I love chasing Mason around the house. We will probably spend Christmas in Anchorage.

My card shows my dog, Pukuq, greeting everyone at Christmas. He says happy holidays to all. Pukuq likes to help us set up the Christmas tree, so I drew our tree also.