Student Attendance Incentive Program

**Updated Oct. 29 - Student Attendance Incentive Program
Posted on 10/25/2019

Attendance Incentive Program

*Update - This meets both our site STEPP plan and our Title I goals of improving
(and recognizing) our Attendance (73% in 18-19: Roughly 85% 19-20 thus far), and the
improving of Community Engagement with our constituents.

Nuiqsut Trapper School would like to thank Kuukpik Corporation for helping to sponsor this. As educators, we appreciate your efforts on our student’s behalf !! Thank-you !!

Nuiqsut Trapper School has had some opportunities made available to it as part of its Title I and School Improvement efforts. Attendance was identified as a goal for improvement (see below). As you can see below, attendance is going up. In putting this together today, we are saying “Thank-you” to everybody here for making that possible – and we want to tell you about a program we are looking to enact.

Why is this being done: We have been charged with helping to educate your children. We can’t do that if the students are not in school. Last year, based on 185 student, we had an attendance percentage of 73%. That was the lowest in the district by 10%. So far this year, out of 148 students, we are averaging around 85%. As an example, yesterday (Wed.) we had 133 of 145 students here in this building a majority of their school day. That is roughly 90%. Thank-you parents and guardians. We very much appreciate your efforts !!

The Program – We want to recognize students for being here and working hard!! Students will receive a prize for perfect or near perfect attendance for the (each) week, month, quarter, semester, and year.

Assemblies held the first Friday of each month to recognize the previous month – both attendance and certificates for performance (Good Citizenship, Friendliest Student, Most Helpful, Most Improved Attitude, etc.)

Week Attendance: perfect attendance = 5 days attendance and tardy policy determined within each classroom or grade. Secondary is establishing their own tardy policy and how that affects perfect attendance.

Incentives: (choice of)
1) Bouncy balls
2) Gel pens
3) Animal figurines – super heroes and others.
4) Stickie hands
5) Bubbles
6) Squishy’s
7) Funny erasers – look like I-phone etc.
8) Books – scholastic – see Nancy
9) Slushies from the AC
10) Milkshakes from the AC
11) Possibly discount at the student store – needs coordinated between Jesse and Bernice for funding – on hold for now

Monthly Attendance – 2 absences or less (doesn’t include subsistence days) Note: we want to recognize students for attendance for the month at monthly assemblies- first Friday of following month.

Incentives: (choice of)
1) $10 AC card
2) $10 Amazon card
3) Ear buds
4) Trapper Logo beanie hat
5) Trapper Logo scarf
6) Trapper logo big foam hand
7) Trapper logo pendant
8) Plastic sleds
9) Banana split party
10) Popcorn party

Quarter Attendance – 3 absences or less in the quarter not including subsistence days

Incentives: (choice of)
1) $25 Amazon cards
2) $25 Camp card
3) $25 AC card
4) $25 I-tunes card
5) Ear buds
6) Pizza and ice cream party with Nintendo Switch game

Semester Attendance – 4 absences or less not including subsistence days.

Incentives: (choice of)
1) Kindle
2) $100 gift certificate??? (Possibility – not sure where things were left)
3) Pizza and Ice Cream Party with Nintendo Switch party included

Year End – near perfect attendance (94%) miss 10 days or less not including subsistence

1) I-Pad or tablet

Year End Perfect Attendance – miss one day or less “Perfect Attendance”

1) Bicycle – will need sizes
2) Tablet